My better half is impressed with the heading. Says it’s the first time she’s seen any tangible return from something she’s endured for decades…..recons it should be easy to write…..I didn’t quite catch it (she was moving away at the time) but she seemed to mutter something about “expert”……
Sometimes, if I’ve been woken in the wee small hours, I think my way down some problem-solving track. Call it lateral thinking, call it heuristics, call it cussedness, and maybe there’s an article in there, somewhere sometime. Some of the resultant solutions are unique, some are firsts, some are failures, in the light of day most turn out to be a reinvention of somebodys wheel. (I remember once working on a high, steep roof, and that night mentally inventing the back-pack inertia-reel safety harness. Then I googled it……) Continue reading