My first rolling comment post…watch out world!

Well, that was a Dunedin Saturday. Another Think Big venture – this time oil ships on the Harbour Basin! As likely as the flapping porker scenario, and if the lead-times given are any indication, as likely to get off the ground. The question you have to ask of all these continued-growth types, is “are you completely stupid?”, and the answer (probably only verbal) is – “yes”.

Then there was the Kim Hill interview with Wayne Lochore (a man who has a copy of  ‘Collapse’ on his desk). He started onto supply-side issues, she headed him off, he mentioned the Club of Rome, she stopped him dead. This on top of the Jenny Morel interview a few days ago, on ninetonoon. She slid off  into solar energy, and made the show. Good that that kind of insight is so close to our Reserve Bank. Then you hear the ‘edited highlights’, and that bit is missing. Highlights? Who decided ?

This is cognitive dissonance taken to an unacceptable degree. If your cafe latte lifestyle is about to founder, then report the sinking. Comfy middle-class denial is not a good fit with what we presume to be the intelligent end of our media. Come on RNZ………………….

That’s Saturday

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