The privateers are here

Well, it had to happen – that Parnell coffee wasn’t the first!  I used to worry about privatisation, but not any more. Ironically, the first appearance of it in 1984, in hindsight heralded the end of ‘growth’. Think about it – if there were unlimited opportunities for all, for ever, why disenfranchise the public? They we already showing that the end was nigh ……… fuckwits!

Bill English sounded the note today, acknowledging that internal credit would not get them out of it. What went unspoken is the fact that every other country is in the same boat.

Why don’t I worry?  Because there are too few of them, and too many of us. We either vote to repossess, or we storm the barricades and repossess. In the end, Nationalisation can be done by decree, with no recompense, on behalf of the greater community. And it may well get to that.

That was Monday………..