Monday 23 on Michael Laws

At first I was grumpy. Now I just wonder…….Last year, Michael Laws wrote ( in the SST) of Peak Oil, quite perceptively. and finished “It’s going to be a bleak winter”. I wrote a (published) letter congratulating him on being the first of the genre to see what was coming.

In hindsight, that was an odd thing – there were (are) heaps more thoughtful, less ego-curtailed, less bombastic, opinionated, (in my opinion) folk around – although we haven’t actually heard them articulating the problem yet.

Now, he pours forth with a diatribe – there is  no other description – well below the level required of a paid opinion-haver, let alone mayor. Why ?

He has it wrong, of course. The fuel gauge is still heading towards E, even if at a reduced rate. His comments about nuclear power show a fairly mediocre application of intellect, too. How it is meant to supplant plastics, bitumen and fertiliser, to power agriculture, aircraft…… and uranium (he can’t have checked) is a finite resource too. Before Gordon Brown has built his ‘thousand new nuclear power stations’, the supply will have gone – same Hubbert Curve applies, so sorry, sayonara.

The interesting thing to question is why the diatribe, now?  What pressed his buttons? Peer-group ridicule? Falling ratings? A missing ‘H’?

And these are our leaders?