The Usual Southern Culprits

Well, they don’t stop. Or get any better. Talk about politics in the gutter! Chin and Cairns, the christmas-card twins, this time putting the kybosh on Keogh talking. Even his article is now ‘the thoughts of a private citizen’. It would be laughable, if it was not so sad. Chin and Cairns either know they are shafting the Dunedin ratepayers, or they are that stupid they really think it’s a good idea. Either way they are inappropriate.

The big game seems to be watching the timing of the global train-wreck, and guessing which of the big development schemes will happen before the door closes. Clearly the laws of Exponentiality are at work here – google Albert Bartlett / Exponentiality¬† to get a handle on this….¬† Who knows?¬† I can only say that the price of oil is all you need to watch, to know the state of the ‘world economy’. Back up to $150/bbl and pot goes the weasel. Again. Easy eh?