bridges too far – sailing too good

It is interesting to note the effects of exponentiality and growth. My City, my country and the planet all bit off the biggest chunk (it’s always bigger than the last one) just as the tide went out. All the leaders  – from my perspective – look arrogant and somewhat foolish. Dunedin mayor Chin, will only be remembered for putting all our eggs in a glass box, Obama for trying to kick-start a dead motorbike. The last one just had to be too big, no matter what the scale. Old woman swallowing the horse type thing. Sad thing is that we as a society have yet to demonstrate the maturity to go to where we have to – sustainability!   Given a choice of voting for our kids and the planet, or for tax cuts, we took the latter. Too late, we find out you need to have work to have tax to get cutted. Bugger eh?  All fall down.

The sailing is going well – Secondary School week-long regatta at present – full sailing schools and good vibes (and weather – always helps). Jaryd is proving that a jet-ski makes a reasonable safety craft – if you don’t overshoot the boat, harbour, and planet!  Ah to be 19 again, full throttle……

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