2 much 2 ask

Ah well, there went Obama – “we must get on track for economic growth”.

Kickstarting the dead motorbike…….perhaps it is political suicide to suggest limits to growth, and that is the real dilemma for current political leadership – show any any you’re out on your ear!

Algal blooms and locust plagues are lucky they are not democracies, or perhaps it makes no difference in the dieoff stages………

I’m away boating today, nurturing the next generation of leaders. They will have a hard job – dwindling resources, mounting population (mounting is how populations increase….) and cooking planet. They need all the encouragement they can get. Poor sods, it wasn’t their fault, it was ours…..

Harland should perhaps talk to AIG about loss-of-income insurance for the Stadium – they should know about such things….

Have a good day!

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