Gee – 20!

So they’re all off to the G20, to sort out the planetary fiscal woes. Well, bandaids don’t fix cancer. Gordon Brown mentioned an interesting wee thing though (reported in time magazine) about addressing energy. So the man who came back from the emergency oil meeting last year calling for 1000 new nuclear power stations, has not entirely forgotten. Obama is there too, the man who recently said ” we must not be held hostage to dwindling resources”. Merkel must know too, she is a physicist, and no fool. So maybe there is hope. Hard to know who understands things, though. Alan Bollard graphically describes the dollars lost, as being able to stretch to the sun and halfway back. Not so, of course, they were non-existent paper dollars in the first place – nobody lost anything that wasn’t already not there!  The big question is whether they can control the increasing angst in their local locales, and whether it spills over into major and/or minor battles. Scarcity of resources does that, if history be a guide. Don’t hold your breath, but be prepared to ………


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