The winter of our discount

here we go – finished sailing summer season – now for the ice-on-bum winter series. Whoever lives this far south and indulges in a water sport has to be certifiable!

Here at ‘Parengo’, life continues the ambulatory pace. Zeb hauls sticks, and leaves them on the drive so you can’t. Drive. I built Jennie a 2.4 metre tall replica / model of a rural windmill for her birthday. It just goes round at the moment – we think we might get it to grind coffee….. My wheelbarrow made from an acrilic bath, needs some work in the wheel department, otherwise promising. There are a few jobs to do before winter, as always.

The ODT did one of the most insightful editorials I have ever seen on Saturday – maybe I can retire!!!!!  Would be good, there are some adventures and projects beckoning!   Laidlaw interviewed a lass today – supposedly an expert – but she was just another business as usual type. George Soros in the Sunday Star Times was more on the money – if you’ll pardon the pun….

And John Armstrong is entirely the other way. His inbuilt personal bias still evident, and his failure to ascertain whether the election bribe of ‘economic growth’ was attainable means he continues to fail the first test of investigative journalism. Sad to have the opportunity and throw it away hond over typewriter….


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