well well well, the Greens have stuck their heads in the maw. There has to be a fishook – or does there?  Key and co must be on a near-vertical learning curve at the moment – it took people like me years to get it all – and it is realistic for them to tap into that expertise rather than reinventing the wheel. So far so good. If that is the case, they (Key’s mob) are aware of time constraints, supply constraints, and must be wondering what happened to all their economic theory!!!!

On the other hand, the Greens will be frustrated soon, and must show the maturity to respect protocol. They will be privy to Cabinet papers, on an ‘in committee’ basis, and there are two classic ways to exit ‘in committee’ discussions: Wanting to crow because you achieved something, or wanting to blow the whistle on something you find unacceptable. Neither are appropriate, but the temptation will be to spill something to someone else to get it out…….I hope they avoid the bear-trap!

Me? The pain in the neck has gone – time, voltarin and 100 lenghts of the physio pool, not sure which one did it, forgot to do the double-blind thing! If the weather’s right, who knows?  Might race the fleet to Moeraki on the Paper Tiger. You only live once, and that isnt very long…….


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