Good Friday

Well it is so far. Didn’t go on the Moeraki race – the headache has returned, a neck vertebra shifted audibly last night, so we might be in for a wee look at it next week. Pity, the southerly looks to still be there, nudging 20 knots here at times but we are 600 feet up, probably lighter at sea level.

Frank Bananarama might have thrown in the towel – perhaps the tourist dollars have dried up, but the lack of fight in his comments was untypical – kind of deflated.

Just been reading ‘The end of Food’. A bit hyped, and probably a bit myopic, but on the money in lots of ways. My big concern has always been that there will be too many mouths, and rather than a new green revolution, a degradation-induced falling off of production. Would be good to think that people who know what is coming (and Helen Clark is one) can do something about it.

History says that when there are too many mouths, and diminishing food supplies, there is fighting. Rwanda wasn’t really genocide, more about survival in an overpopulated scenario, one the World Bank and IMF helped create.

Dave Witherow did a good article about the Stadium, not the cutting wit of times past, just careful and concise – we must be getting old.

Ish came out last night talking of real estate, deposits and interest. What can you tell him? Get in now, they’re not making any more land? Don’t go there, it all has to go down further? Interest rates have to go through the roof due to lack of natural capital to back credit? That a chinese warlord might end up in control of the National Bank? What did a Jewish dad say to his kid in Germany in 1936?  Did it matter? At the end of the day, you can only be there as a backstop for them.

Ah well, we’ve done the buns and the coffee, might drift off to the beach with the dog, let the chickens out, do some composting. Perhaps not in that order. I’ve got a pet project to take a plaster mould off Petes pith helmet, and lay up a kevlar (waterproof) one, but it may not happen today either. If I was Hunter Thompson, I’d have ripped the top off a budweiser or two by now, and hunkered down……….

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