2 much 2 chu?

Back when I was young and painted with a four-inch brush, leaders were either good or bad. Even the good ones, of course, have times when they fly one=wing-low. The Smersh book ‘The Dark Side of Camelot’, showed the soft underbelly of Kennedy. Jimmy Carter hit the wall, and Lizzie-the-First (my favourite ‘pollie) danced a dance, rather than cutting a correct-in-every-detail swathe.

So Stephen Chu trotting out two-year-old speeches is not to say he isn’t a good bloke to have in that spot at this time. Some knock him for only concentrating on electricity, but ultimately that is all we will have. He even says that within 100 years, we will be all solar, so he is way ahead of the pack.

The trick for a man in his position is to educate and nudge everyone round the corner, and alienation is a brake on that process. Intelligent support combines not undermining him, while setting up a disparity where he appears ‘neutral’.

This means the green movement has to notch it up a step, given that time is of the essence.

Fiji fell out the way you’d expect, eh?  And John Key visiting the new site for our ‘iconic’ Fisher and Paykel was a good idea too. He even stole the ‘see it by helicopter’ idea. Onto it……


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