the Key to Glowth

Well we’re off to China, to tap into the growth goming out thereof. With Van der Hayden riding shotgun – very smart. Who advised our face about face?

Watch Chinese ‘investment’ in Fiji, and our high country.

China, of course, will implode, or get angry enough to go to war. She cannot continue with desertification, water-table depletion, and shitting in her own nest, much longer. On top of that, there are not the resources on the planet to bring her population up to our standards of living. Will the tiger let us keep a share?   Not likely….

The rumour is that China has ‘growth’ of 5%, down from double digits. There are two things to note about that statement – one is that it is coming off a low base, the other is that it is hard to prove or disprove, given the lack of transparency at control level. My pick is that they have hit the wall, and are marking time at par. That is without counting in the real value of natural capital – the same mistake western economists make.

Here, it was a rather nice day. They are to be valued……maybe GDP  should stand for Good Day Price.


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