No good news is no news

Which is why I haven’t done a post for a day or two. Locally (Dunedin) there is not much good happening. Simon Cunliffe did an opinion piece in the ODT which just shows how – even with good heart and reasonable intellect – people just miss the bus.

The biggest local irony, is the Government offer of 15 million ‘no strings attatched’ for the stadium – a white elephant – and the 16 million not in our local health system. Which is the bigger theft? Rather than sacking Richard Thompson, Tony Ryall could have gotten the 15 mill to something useful – like health.

The Clutha dams are not worth worying about, nor in my book, is the Holcim cement plant proposed near Oamaru. The time-scales for the dams take them well past the point where any military power lets little old NZ have any of the remaining oil, so one way or the other, they are not a goer.

A pity – if the minister of energy was halfway intelligent, or even reasonably informed (I give him a ‘fail’ on both counts) he would be getting our grid into position for equalised local-generation of solar energy. This will be like watching the Nazis arming frantically in the ’30’s, while knowing how they will end up in ’45. A waste of time and – more importantly – resources.


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