Well, the Dunedin City Council have voted for an Easter Island statue, even as the trees vanish. When will they ever learn?

It really reflects our immaturity as a society, in that if we were all really on to it, they would not be our representatives.

Will it matter in the long run?  It depends on what happens to ‘debt’. Given that we are at the limit of growth, debt will become harder to obtain, and service. Debts, indeed whole banks, may fall into unlikely hands. What happens if some warlord type ‘buys’ the National Bank, raises your interest to 1000%, and ‘reposesses’ your property? Or your City? Not possible?

Don’t bet on it. in fact, don’t bet on anything  just now – clear your debts instead. Certainly don’t bet on three little rugby games bringing a windfall to the City in three years time.

Forgive them for they know not what they do?


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