I’ve finally found where all the stuff the ODT never lets see the light of day, goes.

Simon Cunliffe says in todays opinion piece (last sentence) that they will be found in the theatre.

I’ve had a piece, in various forms, with them for a year now. Quite important, given where we are going. About privatisation, ie the removal of community ownership of communally-necessary strategic assets.

We might look foward to a new play – perhaps set in a newsroom. Working title could be ‘Saving Private Lyin’. You’ll get it in stages, they’re only getting to grips with it, and in a new move, the audience may be asked to view the performance from off to the Right.

This as the comment tonight from Maori interests state: “There are only so many strategic assets, better get in quick”. Oh Boy!

And English is a dime to a dollar to hold (thus reduce in real terms) Health spending in the budget, while throwing 15 mill at the old-boy network’s ego-wank glasshouse.

Meantime, ain’t we got fun. Holidayed today, sailing tomorrow, went and did a Solar Action talk to Gore Rotary yesterday. Not a bad bunch at all – didn’t  get away till nearly 11pm. Some switched-on cookies  – including the world-record holder for grain-per-acre!  It was the first time we have tag-teamed a talk, they reckoned it was a bit like good-cop, bad cop. We will tighten it.

I see Michael Guest thinks David Skegg (Otago Uni numero uno) is good ‘cos he’s an academic. I remember Gerald Stokes saying that in acadaemia, you learned more and more about less and less, until you knew everything about fuck-all. Skegg may be the world’s best expert on the right front tire, but if the gas tank is emptying, the input becomes irrelevant.

Kind of like being the White Star Line’s deck-chair expert …….

As my unpublished article would have pointed out, there is always unrefunded nationalisation.


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