Now it starts to make sense, or at least, you can see what is happening. A protest camp gets moved on (off DOC land, by Solid Energy) and a piece of Central Otago Conservation land gets excluded, because there is coal under it. Marry that with Brownlee’s comments about sequestration, and there’s your rodent.

Until sequestration is developed, and until it demonstrates an EROEI of better than ‘one’, it isn’t a goer. Also, the reserve is said to be 20 years worth – not sure if that is ‘all NZ transport needs’, but even if it is, that is a pathetic stop-gap. If that is the biggest they can think, heaven (I’m an atheist) help us.

Not worth fighting though, like so many proposals it won’t get fuelled.

We spent a cracker day on the water, with Jennie brushing up her skills before her Instructor’s course. She looks good in a Hobie, but of course I’m biased….

Might actually get something constructive done tomorrow, will be a change!


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