when is it criminal?

I hope I live long enough to write the history of the Dunedin Stadium debate. It would portray Chin, Cairns and Co, as leadership failures. Two years ago I gave them information that showed they had single-figure years – at best – to get the city on a footing where it could be maintained in a dwindling energy regime. They failed to consider it. Arrogance? Ignorance? Both?

Rather than hauling Theresa Stephenson over the coals for whistle-blowing, we should be having a Commission of Enquiry into the antics of  our ‘leaders’.

Criminal? I say yes. I also add the Otago Daily Times heirachy to that – they had the info too. As the ‘only game in town’, they had an obligation to investigate and disseminate too. All we got and get, is glib optimism, and by way of counterpoint, more glib optimism.

Last year (over a year ago) I contacted senior staff at the ODT, suggesting they attend a lecture (by Associate Prof Bob Lloyd, physics, energy studies) and said it would be “A Titanic to their deck-chairs”. They never got there. And then think they have the right to proffer packaged optimism? Failure.

And the University? If they had been at their own staff club when Ellen Mosley-Thompson spoke, they might have been less than ignorant, too. Failure.

It would be a great project – think I’d need idemnity insurance! Why do these people do it?  It’s not rocket science – are they really that stupid?

Meantime, I’m pleased I didn’t take a bet on with Sarah – she reckoned it would be a pandemic, I said a war over dwindling resources, probably oil. She might be right! As they say, pigs might fly? Just don’t sneeze……

A good day here, built a window from scratch, got a lot done on the house, talked to a young fellow about passive solar, then cockles and home produce for tea, good company, good red. It’s tough at the bottom. Ask Freddie Mercury………


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