Surprise, surprise. DoC shafted, money for roads, and the dumb tax-cut-voters dumped like a casual pick-up on a Sunday morning.

The only hope, is that credit-constraint will save Mother Nature, because there will be nobody else ……  volunteers had to do much of the work already, and almost all of the whistle-blowing. They will be eliminated from the process now – fiscally scared off from taking part in the RMA process. The Councils which are meant to advocate, actually only do so for economic development, a process well withing it’s last doubling-time now, and a process which ultimately kills the planet – oh, and us!

BILL ENGLISH  is either an idiot, or disingenuous. He reckons ‘unexpected circumstances’. Given that people like me have been warning of this happening about now, and doing that since the middle ‘eighties, it’s hard to know what he’s on about. I sat with Jennie watching the China Olympics, and said “you know, we are looking at the high-water mark of human activity. It has to be down from here”. What (if anything) was English thinking?

Phil Goff   is no better. He wants to “stimulate your economy”, and come “aggressively out of recession”. Cloud cuckoo land. Powered by what ?

Even Stephen Chu is flummoxed – nobel physics prizewinner and all. The reality is that we have reached the peak of energy supply, and there is no way out of the paper bag. The USA imports 70% of her energy, is going into increasing debt, and there is not the energy to pay her way out. Ghawar peaked in 1981, Cantarell is in free-fall, The North Sea is gone, and the Southern Basin – to put it in perspective – would run the world for two months (and only at present rates of consumption). He is desperate enough to be going for coal-fired power – so help  us!

Campbell Roberts      a man I admire, is also talking of jobs and income. We all have to understand that what we think of as the ‘norm’, is a recent, temporary, unsustainable state, founded on the extraction of one-off, long-stored energy sources. Sorry, but even the level we think of as unacceptable, is not sustainable with 7 billion people.

The effect of exponential expansion, always meant that when the crap hit the fan, it would do so in a hurry. In the near future, the dislocate will ensure that ‘retirement’ and ‘jobs’ become irrelevant concepts – as they are now to perhaps half of the people on the planet.



This means we haven’t actually privatised anything in our first three years, but we have privatised the profitable parts, while leaving the public to pick up the debt bits. This, from the mind-set of them types, is probably seen as giving to those who should be seen as superior, the things whch they should apparently have. While giving the the others, demonstrably less. Seems like a deficient-personality issue to me – not happy with yourselves, guys? Need assets or wealth to feel complete? I feel sorry for you. As J.Paul Getty said, “there’s no such dollar figure as ‘enough'”.  Get to a psychoanalysts couch, its cheaper, and you will be better people at the end of it.

BUDGET ? Budge-it

Here we go, the right want less tax and more freedom, the left want a piece of the cake. Both want ‘growth’, talk of jobs and recovery. Yes, we will partially recover from this point, but only until we hit the permanently descending ceiling of (particularly) fossil fuel supply. It will be relative, and part of a descending roller-coaster (demand-destruction) . Insulation is the only light in this one, but it remains to be seen if the other slash-and-burns make the result a negative.

Even those of us who think we know what is needed, don’t think we will get there, even starting all-hands-to-the-pumps now. How do you replace roads, as they crumble, using what, driven by what, along what? Cuba is the preceding example here, and for all the effort, they are in a declining process, not yet at equilibrium, from a 1959-oiled start. It’s a not-very-confidence-building demonstration, but it’s all we’ve got.


We just don’t get it, do we boys?  Who told you that things like ‘The Economy’, were to be ‘taken as read?’  Who told you ‘recovery’ was a ‘given’?  Work requires energy, boys. Third-form science. Where do you increase the work, without finding the increased energy? Sorry, but…….

Economists make the fatal mistake of looking at energy as only 20% of economic activity, but that is a stupid as saying the heart is only 20% of the body. You’re dead without it. Absolute parallel.

Where, oh where, is the journo with enough nous, enough oomph, to present this……I’ve been nudging the likes of Morning Report for two years now – forget the cigar, forget close, we’re talking ‘nothing’ here. Abysmal.

SCOTT is another well-paid idiot

We have an ex-treasury, Act candidate (that denotes idiocy) ‘advising’ Bill English? So help (atheistic) me, God. Who watches the watchers? We are late to adapt now, as readers here will know (and if not yet, google theoildrum, and look at ‘peak oil update’)


The upshot is that we have to get the country on a footing where food is local, and distributable, and done without oil. Water has to be there for all. And we have to be debt-free, before the lack of energy, means the lack of work, which means the lack of economic activity, which means you can’t pay debt back. And some chinese warlord owns your debt, comes along and says “Death of slavery”. Not original, but effective. And we use someone like Scott? Who only knows the ‘free market’, (which looks real good at the moment – not) and thinks you don’t need public anything?  Spare me. By association, English is a knucklehead, too!

BONGARD didn’t get it

So he “never saw it coming”?  That puts him twenty years behind my kind! There went an ‘I know best’, money comes first, non-researcher-into-reality.

Fisher and Paykel is gone, now. That ‘iconic New Zealand company’, is no more. A pity. That current economic paragigms are gone for good, is a given in this column, read below for why. The next phase is competition for dwindling resources, and adapting to sustainability, at which the engineering/design parts of F&P would have been good. As will Bill Currie, and the single-bladed wind turbine. Now, commercial shell will go offshore, where it will wither or morph, as China too has to adapt to sustainability, in a depleted-energy world. The expertise will go?????  who knows. What a waste…

Bongard still doesn’t get it. Perhaps that generation of ‘economy’ minded folk are stuck with the mindset. Hopefully, we get past 50% of the population who understand where we have to go, and the Bongards will get bypassed. Something their type get more on average, that the rest of us.


Great, what a denial of what we are. A species, which for most of it’s relatively short evolution, has had to attract mates, and procreate.

Other species make booming sounds to attract mates, has nobody worked out that this is all we have here? That, and a bit of frustrated testosterone, stuff which used to be diffused hurling spears, dodging lions, stuff like that.

We are giving these youngsters a legacy of empty oil-wells, polluted waterways, and no wherewithal to adress the mess. And we hammer them for annoying us in our unsustainable lifestyles? I can make the argument that what we are doing to their chances of living full (in both senses) lives, is criminal. What they are doing is just nuisance. We are a community of smug, self-important, ………..at the end of the day…………….dumbos!  What right have we?