There went a classic example. Normally I shake my head closer to home (the ODT in-house reporters) but this is one they use from the New Zealand Herald – one Claire Trevett. I know her not from a bar of soap, and wonder where John Armstrong went – did he get a job in the PM’s spin department as a reward for his amazing bias in the run-up to the election?

She lambasts the Greens, quoting the Cullen valedictory speech “the Greens should…..loosen up a bit – saving the planet needs to sound less like punishment for our sins, if it is going to work”. Cullen of course, is wrong. The planet is physics and chemistry, and will treat our species and others on that basis, regardless of middle-class emotions. Claire Trevett then adds “they would do better to follow his advice”. Actually Claire, they’ve already been there these many years, with the token things like recycling – and (we all) are simply out of time. The stalling on Climate Change, by the likes of Roger Kerr, find fertile ground if they are backed up by lightweight throwaways like that.

Further on she acknowledges hearing the past vindication, and foward warnings, MUST HAVE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO THEM!……… BUT (it must be cognitive dissonance) she then fails to investigate them. They are a Titanic to the rest of her deckchair column. Why the failure, the total overlooking of the actual? If a reporter – any New Zealand reporter – put it all together, the Rudd defence, the Rudd ‘fire under OPEC’, the Gordon Brown “1000 new nuclear plants’, the climate information and the sources of denial, the …..

Actually, if they had all just done third-form physics, and understood that energy is required to do work, they could have anticipated (as folk like me have for decades) that the peak of energy supply would mean the peak of economic activity. Google : campbell 2004 scenario, then visit: the oil You don’t need to interview an expert for that – an average brain can verify it within a week of cogitation and research – and immediately renders comments about economic growth either stupid, or disingenuous. Which means anyone who reports them is either stupid or a patsy. Claire, we are out of time, and the New Zealand media ( your article being a  classic example of this) is seriously to blame. Are you a mother, or wanting to be? Look at you unthought splurge, and wonder if they will thank you. If you had listened to the content of the Graham and Hague (I’m not a Green, don’t know the men or what they actually said, but I could have written it too it’s not rocket science) speeches, then investigated the content, you might have had an article. And your kids might have one day thanked you.

There are great New Zealanders who have tried to warn of what must (and I mean must) happen. Jack Lazenby wrote his ‘TRAVELLERS’ series, as a warning – are you even aware of them, him, or that? Visiting professor Ellen Moseley-Thompson took part in a panel-discussion at the Otago University Staff Club last year. You can bet there were no ODT reporters there, they were too busy reporting growth and stadiums, but a question was asked from the floor: “How many people can the planet support sustainably?”. She grabbed the mike and said “that’s not the question. The question is: “At what level of comfort do you want to live?”   That is the whole of it, in a nutshell, population, pollution, resources, growth, war, everything. The best estimates are that population will collapse to two billion, and by 2050. And we still dutifully report government handouts for the Rugby World Cup….

Dissemination of truths to the public? You lot wouldn’t know a truth if it hit you in the face……… wonder we blog.


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