I went to the original of the article, and the heading was a mch more balanced : ‘Will Greens travel down new path’. Hmmm, so what we have is another manifestation of the systemic bias inside the ODT. Their heading? ‘Greens work through another bout of ‘existential angst’.

No wonder we have to read the ODT with filtered specs. I still have some educating to do, it would seem, and we are already thirty years too late. Where have they been? On which planet? How do you, where do you start? Can you actually change middle-aged (and over) mindsets?

Ah, well, there may be a five-minute time-slice where we can say “told you so”. It will be no victory, no good outcome. Still, they aren’t alone, we have Gareth Morgan setting himself up as a Climate expert now – economists are obviously all-knowing. Reminds you of bishops facing the Black Death, Canute facing the tide, and the average witch-doctor.

We chew into this finite planet at 3 times the sustainable rate, the default logic being that we have three times the number of people on the planet that it can support. When, oh when, will a reporter take it head-on, instead of pretending that the cafe latte period can go on. I like the latte life, but it is doomed, and preparing for reality is better than denial.

Bother said Poo, as he…………have a good day folks. I’m ‘barrowing firewood, maybe flashing (the conservatory).


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