So Rudd will put carbon on the back burner, until economic activity improves. A bit like Bowie putting out the fire with gasoline – is he stupid, or just stupid?

A while ago, there was a storm off Newcastle, Australia, and a ship washed onto the beach. Predictably, the media focused on the ship. The real story, was that there were 58 ships out there, waiting in line. 58! All taking it to China, to burn in the air that………. That was the real story, the sheer magnitude of the trade, and it’s ramifications. Not one, not one of the media mentioned that.

The coal lobby is behind the current delay, but lobby groups like business, are just that, lobby groups. Governments, and the media, have to be above the lobby level.Should be……

The big problem is that they are all operating under a sinking lid now. Energy supply controls the amount of activity, so any ‘economic recovery’ will only rise until it hits that sinking lid. On that basis, Rudd will never address carbon.  The real dichotomy – economic growth vs life on the planet – is starting to become apparent, even as my kids chances of becoming a parent, are dimming.

New Zealand will, of course, follow like a puppy with tongue out, grateful for any delay……’a wise decision’, will be the Kerr/Fed Farmers line. T he media will sagely support this ‘wisdom’. (What, question the regime that pays you mortgage? heaven forbid )

One assumes his submarines will be nuclear powered…….but I think China will be in trouble environmentally, well before Rudds 20 year upgrade is complete.

The first cab off the war rank will be the USA, post Obama. Put it this way, if he fails, it will be because of a howl of anguish from a nation that consumes 25% of the worlds energy, and as much of it’s other resources, when they get a grasp of ‘finite supply’. They are the most powerful now, and it’s only down (relatively) from here. Competition for finite resources, much of which you have to import, and you are most powerful? You go to war earliest. Age of Empires, lesson one.

China will hold off as long as, consolidate, negotiate, stockpile. The time-scale of energy depletion suggests that she can’t delay more than ten years, and neither can the ‘States. A global scrap over resources, then, before 2020. Ironically using up some of those resources in the process…..

Better start by reading Jack Lazenby’s Travellers, and like Ish, start practising archery. I wonder if historians will have the luxury of time to record the folly of Rudd and co, or whether, like so many rune-bloggers past, they will be so stressed surviving, that record-keeping will  go by the board.

It’s raining here, writing day for me. Yesterday shifting firewood from our (carbon sink) forest. Until the frost melted, you could see my carbon footprints!  Jennies windmill spins slowly outside, Zeb is curled, bored, in his bean-bag, and the passive-solar house is comfortable, coasting on yesterday’s sun. Pity those students in the renters…….

You can see it by googling : ODT Murray Grimwood Jennie Upton.


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