FAT TOPIC thin post

Sorry, I don’t do police stories or court guessing……


So Tony Ryall has proven to be a bear of little brain. We won’t fight obesity – despite it being an epidemic that cannot – according to my medical contacts – be adequately addressed. So, we will now put the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, and put more money into treating diabetes, joints, spin-off elective surgery….  the man’s a fuckwit.

I guess the free market approach is that obesity denotes a good consumer, and medical treatment of same is potential economic activity! Rather like China, where one province had officials going round forcing folk to smoke more, to stimulate their economy. The scary thing is that we elect these people…


Good on you DoC, as usual politically correct, and as usual, missing in action. Onya


Taking on 100 extra staff!  Why not 80,000. Actually, given the social unrest coming post peak-energy (with it’s inevitable attendant frustrations, angst and boredom) training an extra 80,000 police wouldn’t be a bad move. Invercargill is not so far from South Auckland.


Following on, it’s about time some journo had a look – an intelligent foward-looking look – at ‘jobs’. We glibly report the word, with no appraisal. There will be less activity done by fossil fuels, so we will be looking at more manual labour, addressing en-route the obesity thing. All ‘work’ that impacts the planet will cease – either voluntarily or via mother nature. And nobody realises that well over half the planet just live to survive, with nary a time-clock in sight. A good topic for someone, this…


Best we just supply the world with food, at a price cheaper than that of invading us.


Even Russell Norman rabbiting about “when the recovery comes”. Yes, there will be a recovery, but to a lesser height that that peaked at with the China Olympics. I sat watching them, turned to Jennie, and said “You know, we are looking at the high point of civilisation” – it was too obvious, to provable, too undeniable. That doesn’t mean a full-on crash, but it does mean a permanently sinking lid. I have come back to life this last couple of years, realising that the peak was being not only unaddressed, but ignored. The next ‘up’ will hit the sinking lid, as will all the subsequent ‘ups’. Each one lower than the last.

The sad thing is that he will be well aware of this, but even at that end of the spectrum he has to read his lesson from the good news bible, to pander to the masses.


Our failure, in appraising that and most issues, is that we are not scoping things with a wide enough lens. Labour (taken by so many including the media as one end of the spectrum, is in real terms, right of centre.) That is, if left and right are applicable at all, to survival, population, sustainability, etc. Ninetonoon often has a ‘from the left and from the right’, and from my (if we don’t sort things out quickly before we get shunted out of the oil-buying market, we’re fucked) position, they are scrapping over Titanic deck-chairs. Which people like me watch from off in our liferafts.


The weather hasn’t hit – yet – so a little joinery is in order until I’m driven indoors, THEN an article! Zeb is chasing rabbits, the ones that are back sleeping in their burrows. Roll on the weekend.


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