Great fare on a (snowy) Sunday.

Thank you Radio New Zealand………National. It is hard to be as good as that morning’s entertainment was – hard to imagine a better, and perhaps this is the best of what we have.

INSIGHT a fascinating look at grandparents taking on grandkids as default parents – great journalism and a subject really relevant to society here and now,

MEDIAWATCH will get the sack soon, the same way Jim Salinger did, from the same people for the same reasons. Brave, right on the money – the kind of thing we took for granted years ago. Whether we got it years ago, or were just less cynical, is an interesting qestion. We are watching a wave of cynical, arrogant even, muscle-flexing the likes of which we havn’t seen since the Douglas/Fay days, and for my money, not enough journo’s are addressing it. Mark Weldon’s “crap” remark sounded so like the Fay “It’s my damn bank” one. Same duck and weave, same bull. Perhaps they (the other journo’s) are looking over their respective shoulders, worrying about their respective mortgages, and opting for the mute-but-paid approach. Keep it up, mediawatch, don’t go the Salinger way!

Dougal Stevenson (ten k’s away from me as the crow flies) did it in spades too, right on the button about gold, resources, RMA, people and attitudes.

IDEAS, though, took the cake. Brought the (this anyway) house down. I was already fleshing out an article along these lines, due to the (my) frustration of the last couple of years – this went there and beyond. Faantastic. Interesting appraisal of the ‘net (I use it myself for my news – Huffington Post, Washington Post, Guardian, The Oil Drum) but the discussion was too good to precis here – it is worth downloading the podcast for yourself – imperative if you are a journo yourself

We’ve had snow on the hills, sleet on the ground (looked cool flicking off the windmill blades) soup, and we’re both at the keyboards. There was a yacht race at 12 but…………..gettin’ old!

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