Ah, something to think about. I rest my case, as to where conventional ‘left’ and ‘right’ are. They are scrapping over the deckchairs, and the deck is tilting. Job creation? Sorry Laila, you’re a nice, well meaning lass, but that was straight out of the ‘eighties. Hooton, on the other hand, sounds to me like he knows very well that we are at the limit of growth, and knows who will be making the grabs for the finite opportunities – which makes him less than ingenuous for not mentioningit. In essence, he is sweeping the snow in front of the curling-stone, ‘bringing it up’ as fast as possible, while the oppo ‘skip’ is reloading his whisky. One wonders how he is reimbursed for his efforts.

C’mon someone, get with the real question:- who gets what share in a descending (sorry, negative growth) scenario. How do we keep the disenfranchised engaged, en masse? Do we revisit the concept of ‘job’?

BRASH – does it matter? All privatising-agenda politicians must, by definition, be in a minority. Therefore, they are voteoutable. The real debate, and the thing they should be told, is that when the mass populace want it back, they may not pay to have it back. Treaty 2? Can’t you see Ridney Hide leading the hikoi? we want the water company shares back?  tee hee. But it means that the face is ultimately history – when the people get mad, we get the Springbok tour, we get the Pintado, at a certain point, we get “enough”.

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