You’d be forgiven for thinking that while Napier happened, the rest of New Zealand stopped happening. Got me thinking about ‘weighting’ of news, as delivered. No matter the media(um!) you get a bit of news in equal bytes, a bit of business, a bit of sport, maybe the weather, “and that’s the news”.

Eventually, you create a populace who think murder is equal to the sharemarket, and a cold front. They also think that only a certain amount, and relative percentage of things happened each day. Or do they?  Wonder if anyone has done a thesis?


It will be interesting to watch Mt Albert – Norman is no twit, and punching well. Boscowen is a slow-steering idealogical bulldozer, but I see Labour struggling here. I did an Opinion piece for the ODT (Topsy-turvy Politics… not my heading!!!!! I had: The End of Labour?) as to where I see them having to go, but concurrently you have to realise that there will be a ground-swell change in New Zealand society over the next decade, and whoever is brave enough to be there with the door open, will have the vote. The only constant, as they say, is change.

Meantime, I will carry on the campaign to get ‘growth’ debated in the public arena. One day, one day. Not enough news to comment on today, yet. Will maybe do something early p.m.


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