How predictable, shame on you, media. We have cases this last year, of people using cars as weapons, and 400 odd cases of them being used for manslaughter. Do we outlaw them? Has licencing both driver and car eliminated accidents, deaths, maimings? Then there is/are kitchen knives, baseball bats, crossbows, spearguns, axes, fists. Try helping form a society where folk are engaged. Try, also, the possibility that a substance (which I have never used) is no worse that the alcohol (which I use at least weekly) which we all accept. If it had been legal, there would have been no visit. Less reason for the paranoia. And we’d have more Bobbies on the Beat.


It makes no difference, really, whether Brash or Key faced for the Younger Turks. The move would have come, and had to be countered. End of story.


The US government has bowed to the inevitable, and cut funding for fuel cell research, this from an Obama/Chu regime, no less. The reason? EROEI. The energy return you get for the energy you input. It takes more energy to do the hydrogen separation, than it produces as available energy. Safe storage, and bulk thereof, are compounding factors. Bulk is crucial for any transport fuel, as you have to carry it with you as you use it. Nothing goes close to oil for that, unless we all do a Homer Simpson.


Try this article:,28124,25457370-5005200,00.html

In a nutshell, there is resource depletion, and the international instability it will produce. Rudd has the coal. China wants the coal. Rudd has gone big for Defence, here is the (Chinese) quote from the above, which encapsulates why:

“Coal resources will become tighter in the long term, and it will be harder to secure resources from the outside market”.

We will have resource wars before we have climate wars, and it has to be before 2020, given depletion rates. Somewhere below, I have blogged about the coal-ship washed ashore at Newcastle, and how the other 58 ships waiting offshore – the conveyor belt – were the real story, totally overlooked. The above article¬† is the reality of it, clear as day. Pity it’s under ‘business’, not ‘politics’!


By the time it is built, the demand will be gone.


Oh dear.

At home? More rain, more writing, more bored dog. And more no eggs. We may have to make a hieroglyphic sign up for outside the chookhouse – a no-egg symbol, an ‘equals’ and an axe. Should work.


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