Sub heading…….Ranklin’ Rankin.   This is privatisation by stealth. If it were chess, you sack the rooks, knights and bishops, and put your own queen in. The pawns can’t argue, haven’t access to the stats and info to ‘ping’ you when you play games, can’t whistle-blow. Then, the queen sets the institution up in corporate fashion, and leaks to the appropriate crony, the facts on the juciest tit-bits. Kind of what happened to Berlusconi. Kind of….

In a small country, and them being a small clique, it was only a matter of time for Rankin to be rankin. I had her on my list, and I come from the boondocks.

Nationalisation is the key rebuff, and they better be aware of that. Given the dwindling potential for communal wealth, we may have to take it back for free- the most basic kind of nationalisation. Think of it as a public work annexation, without redress.

What they don’t cherry-pick, buy, or kill by feeding it (purposely underfunded, and with anything but due diligence) to the competition wolves, they will dismantle, in the name of cost cutting and efficiency.

Be warned.


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