PRIVATISATION and melissa lee

The two go hand-in-hand. Rodney Hide has done what the old leather-armchair Elworthy types never did – uncovered the knife, and thrust it hard. This is an urgent and predictable  ( they must be somewhat pressured now, not getting younger and not nearly as ‘ahead’ as they were last year) expression of thwarted Rogernomics. This is the second attempt, the first being the 1989 ‘Local Government Reorganisation”, which gave Ellwood his gong, Vicky Buck a chance to show her true importance, and which stalled (like Tomorrow’s Schools) before the full ‘benefits’ (all of which go to something called the private sector) were ‘realised’.

That Parnell coffee wasn’t the first. This had been orchestrated a long way out, from the Winston Peters blackwash (and it’s timing) through Rodney being Local Govt, through Banks, and lastly, through media failure. They swallowed the Peters bait, didn’t ask below the shallow, didn’t join the dots. Scribes with known bias – like John Armstrong – probably knew what they were doing. There are stories here untapped – for instance, was Glenn a timed set-up, just bait the cash-strapped Labour and NZ First Parties swallowed like so many unquestioning snapper?

It is interesting to follow this even locally – I’ve had an opinion piece with the ODT in various forms for a year, on privatisation. Despite asking if it a linguistic problem (no reply) it hasn’t surfaced. Who owns the ODT? Betcha shirt, cliff or no, mate!

So, if the remaining scribes are not brave enough to risk their mortgages, what will happen ?  The likes of water will be sold off, and the LATES are already half-way there. There will never (for reasons I have mentioned before) be enough communal wealth to buy those community assets back, from here on in. That leaves nationalisation. Which comes in two forms, paid (as with Cullen buying back NZ Rail) and unpaid – as ‘we’re taking it’.

The latter is where a stressed mass community goes, and if Rodney gets his way, it will happen. Call it return of service. Somebody should warn them, it will be cheaper and easier all round, in the long run.

The problem is that the media have to understand the end-game nature of where we are at, to get the relative seriousness of the move. I keep going back to Douglas Reed (Insanity Fair) these days, and wishing for a similar scribe. I think in terms of Phil von Papen Goff, and Rodney Rohm Hide, and waiting for the Beehive Fire……

Melissa Lee – what a fuckwit. I guess that is what you get, lie down with dogs, get up looking itchy. She will be gone withing two sessions, as will Bennett. Both will be thrown to the wolves, in the inevitable days of disintegration. Russel Norman needs to learn too, not to let the heat of the moment lead to rash outbursts. Sometimes when the snowball is already rolling your way, you only have to give it a helping nudge. Give it too big a heave, and it collapses in front of you. Hope he can ski!

Ditch digging today, while it is soft, and before the next deluge. Apres le Deluge? I guess you could call me a land-caster…….


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