The ultimate Aussie gamble – bet next year’s  housekeeping on Pharlap. Hasn’t anyone told him???? It’s stuffed.

He is running several bluffs simultaneously – fooling the populace that growth is ahead, hoping to rearm before being overrun, guessing – with western middle-class attitude – what might be ‘required infrastructure’  in the future, and trying to stay short-term popular.

There are perhaps three years, maybe only one, before the awful truth must dawn on the toohey’s tossers – that even in the lucky, resource-blessed country, resource depletion is here to stay.That China is in the same procelain toilet-pan. That whoever can hold their breath longest, will survive the flush best. Which may not be very well, in any case.

If those juggles weren’t enough, he has sea carbon/acidity and coral, tourism drop-off, water feast of famine, and climate-induced flora issues.

To which we apply roads bridges broadband and a new four cylinder car. Whooppee. If the energy both types) were applied to solar energy, efficiency, and desalination (they’re out of other options in the long term, and the energy required will be significant) they might be on a better track. Physical infrastructure, particularly that associated with fossil-fuelled transport, will only need maintenance, and that will be visible by it’s unfuelled absence.

We still suffer from the fact that economists – who presumably have advised the robot, are not operating in a real world, the one of finite size, with finite resources, an exponential increase in population, and ditto in their per-head consumption. We still interview them daily, hang on their every word, treat their utterances as gospel.

And someone was decrying the ‘net?


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