Cars, Pigs, Food, Biodiesel, Stadium


Obama has gone for more fuel-efficient cars, and less carbon output – per car! Note, no limit on the number of cars. So no cap.

We are looking at cheaper imports, because nobody is buying. As a country, we owe more per head than anyone but Iceland, and the lid is sinking. More unrepayable debt, then?

The reality is that there will be serious resource – oil – wars, before Obama’s edict runs it’s course. The day of the car is nearly over. Which means the idea of garaged suburbs has the be revisited, as in are they relevant? and how can they be adapted? Before there is no oil left to adapt them. Even as we have to adapt agriculture, under the same sinking lid. Good luck Jeeeeem.


Much of our processed pork is imported. Cruelty aside, the big question is the quality of same. What, if any, guarantees are there? Hormone additives? GE? Toxins? Residues? Oink.


Speaking of which – my OAK and Watties baked beans come from China. How are they grown? Where? Who checks on our behalf? Who audits? The answers appear to be: don’t know, nobody, and nobody. Time a journo had a look at this one…..burp


I applaud those who started down this road, the Earthrace fellow, and the producers. They had to try, but it is proving not to be the answer. Not in terms of volume, nor in terms of energy return on energy invested, nor in terms of land use.

A  potential industry advocate complained of being at the whim of policymakers. Whose whim would he rather be at?


A rescue for building firms? A stay of execution, more like. Ratepayer money is financing this thing, and it will be a permanent loss. As builders are ratepayers, the net effect is only a re-adjustment of wealth within the system. Which building firm just happened to own one of the properties, again?


4 % growth ahead ?????? They don’t call it the Dreamtime for nothing…..

Home   more snow on the hills, more writing, more soup, more bored dog. Had a keen off-grid couple visit yesterday, I think they got some ideas. Probably the best thing is that they get reassured you can live, very comfortably, on sod-all energy. Which we will all have to do, within ten years.


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