What a great interview with a Dr Peter Gleick (I think) about water, limits and where-to-from-here. Awesome. She had it with ‘Peak’, and with relating it to energy. Who’d have thought that we’d start there, I always thought  Kim and Chris would have been the ones…..but Kim skittered anywhere but tackling it head-on, and Chris (as far as I know) still thinks we need more people.

That interview is worth listening to (RNZ podcast) and more than once.Reminded me of Helena Bonham-Carter to Johnny Depp : “Now you’re getting it, Mr T”…….    !!!!!!!


Sun, glorious sun. We had less than one degree outside last night, currently 8 degrees outside, sixteen in the conservatory, and 17.5 in the house. Passive solar forever (clouds stay away). Off to check the chooks. And the drains…


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