There goes a problem, eh Gerry? We’d like to privatise more, but it didn’t work already, already. Split it up more? No, that won’t work either – though it is what he will probably do. He has to juggle a couple of concurrencies, concurrently. One is the constant chant – mantra even – of growth. This is the very thing that stymied the old NZED planners, the old exponential function. We are at the limits of that now, and he won’t be able to see it. Even if he did, his instinct would be for his cronies to get the goods.

The ‘need for new infrastructure’ is as misguided as it gets. Yes, old dams (approaching 100 years, or ‘life’) will need replaced, but new?  The question there,  is : ‘ How much will electricity be asked to take up the replacement of oil? and : ‘How much will the lessening of economic activity reduce demand.’ The final question is: How much efficiency can be obtained in current (sorry) usage.

The nonsense of user versus owner (the same) has been well pointed out, which is good. We will watch this space, just remember that if every house in NZ used the power ours does, the whole country could get by on half of Benmore, idling. You can’t tell ’em, of course, they know best already!

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