GREEN NEW DEAL will be too late

I went to the Kevin Hague GreenNew Deal talk in Waitati last night. It was probably aimed at a lesser level of savvy that Waitati – this is a Transition Town, has a community Energy Project, and understood the need to support the trial commuting train, (despite Michael Deaker’s ignorant comment about buses being cheaper ) and was, after all, the home of Mushroom Magazine.

So the discussion centred around whether you had time, anymore, to educate the unknowing mass, before the window of opportunity closes. Those of us who have watched it for years, and have a fairly realistic overview of progress, reckoned we are behind where we were in 1984, on nearly every front.

Our advic was to have a plan in place for when the crap hits the fan, and we all are sure that is well within ten years. He didn’t have to sell……we’re there.

Concerns were raised (not by me, but I agree) about their proposed borrowing, as most who get to where we are, realise that debt will be (is now, if you’re honest) unrepayable. Will it matter, is a good question. Will a chinese warlord have rights to the reserve bank at that stage?

Some of us had reservations about ‘jobs’, the ‘economy’, and building new state housing, too. The energy return on the energy invested, has to stack up. Or you are better just retrofitting existing stock – there is simply no time left to dicky around. Further, the insulation is good, no great, but it has to contain some heat, which  has to come from somewhere. Retro-fit for solar gain, is where somebody ought to be looking……


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