If anyone wants to really know where the world is going, have a quiet weekend read of the following.


That’s as good an appraisal as it gets. It goes like this: finite planet, finite oil reserves. Oil is the energy most transportable in a vehicle. It makes, and moves everything. It is every supermarket container. It is in everything you see in an operating theatre. It makes your computer. It makes fertiliser, drives tractors. Makes roads. Toothbrushes. And transports everything.

Peak the supply of oil, you peak the supply of work that can be done. If work is economic activity (and it’s hard to argue it ain’t) then the peak of oil supply was peak activity, means no more growth. Therefore anyone who – like our PM – touts growth, is internally void in the cranial department.

That graph is happening now. After two years of throwing it at all NZ media, I can only shake my head in wonder. Denial?  No comprende? Cognititive dissonance?      astounding, really.


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