Judith Bassett and the sad – real – history

So we sack those who don’t increase profits. What a stupid tart, but then, Michael is the chief re-righter of NZ history, you get what you deserve, I reckon.Which ones the flea?

He was on radio recently touting unending exponential growth, she obviously thinks (?) so too. Sadly, we have bumped into the limits to growth now, and sacking someone who can’t get more out of a fossil-fuelled activity, won’t change that. Hitler used similar tactics too – shoot the messenger – but it didn’t help him either, for the same reason.

It’s all over, Judith. The limits to growth is/are here. Eat it. And, at the end of the day, sheer frustrated numbers always storm the barricades, meaning your move to shift wealth to a select few, will backfire. History – that which is written from the basis of truth (not like Michael’s twisted spleen-vent) tells us of this. People in positions like yours either work on behalf of your community, and  with good heart, or they run an agenda which is all about the advancement of self-agrandisement.

Judith – take a look at the site I suggest below, “for weekend reading”. How the hell can you run an exponential expansion of activity, on that?  Are you a fool, or acting cynically on behalf of a selfish clique? There’s no third option!

Don’t worry, some of us will write the real histories……….

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