the Business du jour…monday


Business New Zealand and Federated Farmers lobbying for less Government spending – note the source and the timing. These folk – particularly O’Reilly – are all about privatisation, and the ‘public sector’. The reason is never given – naturally – but it is this: there would be no need for the private sector to eye up the public sector, if unlimited growth was a possibility. It is exactly because growth is limited (by the constraints of a finite planet) that they have to scrap for the finite opportunities. Means that the growth theory was flawed.  Watch for the Key phrases: reign in spending, managing debt, grow our economy, hurting the economy. Yawn.


the set-up was all about corporatisation, prior to privatisation. It got stymied in mid-track, and some have never taken their eyes off that ball. Teachers, however, have a different problem. Kids are more short-attention-span, more belligerent, parents less respectful, and the future is not going to be what was traditionally expected. Actually, ‘traditional’ was only a short-term post industrial revolution regime based on extracting resources. It had to morph under the reality of oncoming sustainability. Enviroschools are the start, but the flow-through will be too late – we will need Transition Town structures universally, within ten years. Meaning we need Tomorrows universities….


Maybe there’s a place for Michael Guest – he should meet their criteria, perhaps he could help them frame the terms of reference!!!!!


So a walking and cycleway is ‘on the books’, but not for 30 years. Well, anybody wanting to see what the harbour bridge will look like, I refer to that site mentioned in an earlier post below –  the oil drum one. The bridge will be empty in 2030, nothing surer. Come on, fourth estate – expose the nonsense.


Groser should have stayed behind the counter. Actually, he has. Protectionism is localisation, and localisation is where it will go from now on, in a power-down world. Eventually, local will be community local – thats where a dwindling supply of cheap transport takes you (or doesn’t). It has to be understood that the fractional reserve banking system (which needs growth to underpin it’s continuance) will not continue, post energy peak. That means a different fiscal system, less or no debt/credit (who will loan in a dwindling ecomomy?). That almost inevitably means not global. Food, water and energy will be the key wealth, get used to it.


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