That was a bad one. Some fellow called Neville on the Panel – what a sad piece of humanity. I think this is the editor (is that an applicable tag?) of the NBR. Otherwise National Business Review. In the Rankin mould, but worse. Where, and more importantly, why does Mora find them?

The excuse may be that it is only entertainment – but it has too much message for that. If it is current affairs, it is bias-loaded. All three today (the ‘leftie’, the ‘rightie’ and Mora, were touting a temporary resource-extracting regime that has peaked. None of them have, had, or seemed willing, to address that. So we discussed getting bikes and pedestrians onto the Auckland harbour bridge, when the reality is that there won’t be cars there within ten years, given oil depletion, and competing demand. Same went for their discussion on protectionism, as obviously the lack of transport will render affairs much more local. And indeed their discussion on Local Government. Think about it, post cheap travel/ transport, local is what there will be. Very local.

So, is it denial, cognitive dissonance, optimism, propaganda, or catholicism? There may be more, my point is: it sure aint truth-searching journalism. A pity, because the core of an intelligent populace is his listening audience. It never ceases to amaze me how many Tascha McClellan’s and Brian Turners (meaning people I know) are listening too. Judging by much of the email traffic, the;re are some good thinking kiwis out there, and they constitute a majority of RNZ listeners. When you think about it, this is one of the last ones left, and it’s odds on the privateers have it in their sights – to close down and  shut up, or buy and shut up.

I guess we will know we are in trouble when blogs are censored.


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