You have to ask the question: “Do they know”?

Why would the Nats go with insulation. It goes down a path of less demand, less infrastructure demand, less economic growth. There had to be a total disconnect in the process of that discussion – on the face of it. For the Nats to go there, you have to wonder. Just using public money to keep the private construction sector going? Not enough, you’d think, not even enough for folk who think as little as that.

Maybe, just maybe, Brownlee and Co actually know about peak energy, and the down-slope beyond. If so, watch for the powerful to position themseves to pick up the energy sector, along with the water one.

For whatever  reason, politically, the effect will be the right one. Well done the Greens. Good luck in the snakepit!

2 Responses

  1. I think we suspected the last government had an understanding of the energy depletion realities of the near to medium term future. The Labour government lost a lot of political capital buying the railways back, something that displayed an awareness of just how critical railways could become in the future. There was also funded money towards coastal trading, unheralded and definitely no worth any votes to them. There was also the curious enthusiam for hybrid and electric cars displayed by David Parker, in particular.

    This government still have to tip their hand. They couldn’t have started out worse than the review of the ETS in a green PR sense! I think the insulation retro-fit subsidies would tend to bolster employment. The contractors can bring people up to skills quite quickly from a semi-skilled start. An insulation business is not captial intensive and there is good domestic capacity to make the insulation products in New Zealand. So, it is potentially a healthy vote winner for National-Act, IMO.

  2. Yes, they did indeed, and I’m on record as noting that. They were only 30 years to late, and only wasted their opportunity – perhaps the last window we will get. And they still tout economic growth.

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