BONGARD didn’t get it

So he “never saw it coming”?  That puts him twenty years behind my kind! There went an ‘I know best’, money comes first, non-researcher-into-reality.

Fisher and Paykel is gone, now. That ‘iconic New Zealand company’, is no more. A pity. That current economic paragigms are gone for good, is a given in this column, read below for why. The next phase is competition for dwindling resources, and adapting to sustainability, at which the engineering/design parts of F&P would have been good. As will Bill Currie, and the single-bladed wind turbine. Now, commercial shell will go offshore, where it will wither or morph, as China too has to adapt to sustainability, in a depleted-energy world. The expertise will go?????  who knows. What a waste…

Bongard still doesn’t get it. Perhaps that generation of ‘economy’ minded folk are stuck with the mindset. Hopefully, we get past 50% of the population who understand where we have to go, and the Bongards will get bypassed. Something their type get more on average, that the rest of us.


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