Great, what a denial of what we are. A species, which for most of it’s relatively short evolution, has had to attract mates, and procreate.

Other species make booming sounds to attract mates, has nobody worked out that this is all we have here? That, and a bit of frustrated testosterone, stuff which used to be diffused hurling spears, dodging lions, stuff like that.

We are giving these youngsters a legacy of empty oil-wells, polluted waterways, and no wherewithal to adress the mess. And we hammer them for annoying us in our unsustainable lifestyles? I can make the argument that what we are doing to their chances of living full (in both senses) lives, is criminal. What they are doing is just nuisance. We are a community of smug, self-important, ……… the end of the day…………….dumbos!  What right have we?


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