SCOTT is another well-paid idiot

We have an ex-treasury, Act candidate (that denotes idiocy) ‘advising’ Bill English? So help (atheistic) me, God. Who watches the watchers? We are late to adapt now, as readers here will know (and if not yet, google theoildrum, and look at ‘peak oil update’)

The upshot is that we have to get the country on a footing where food is local, and distributable, and done without oil. Water has to be there for all. And we have to be debt-free, before the lack of energy, means the lack of work, which means the lack of economic activity, which means you can’t pay debt back. And some chinese warlord owns your debt, comes along and says “Death of slavery”. Not original, but effective. And we use someone like Scott? Who only knows the ‘free market’, (which looks real good at the moment – not) and thinks you don’t need public anything?  Spare me. By association, English is a knucklehead, too!


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