What’s in a name –

A lightweight little Opinion piece in the ODT today, worried about kids being called way-out (from which omnipotent perspective?) names.

I’ve told him before, that this stuff is deckchairs, to the real Titanic. The generation he (o)pines over, will have to have their numbers reduced by 2/3, by 2050 or so – well withing their lifetimes. This is mathematically unassailable. It’s called the real world, limits thereof. We may ponder at length, as to whether stress on the overcrowded species will create fertile ground for a pandemic, or whether we will have an all-in resource war(s) or whether starvation and thirst will take out the most disenfranchised end of the spectrum. Whichever way, it will happen.

Meaning, time spent worrying about the names of the pending corpses, is time wasted. Cognitive dissonance? Denial? Belief in a Deity?  Hard to know why this kind of lightweight bonhomie happens. I’m all for humour, but this is worrying about the colour of the deckchairs.

Besides which, We have an Ishmael (named after a schooner I stayed on, in turn named after the lead character in Moby Dick) and our village spawned a Gabriel God Galaxy Gramophone. And an Opal and a Holly (from a phonetic car lover). Who cares? Simon says do this? No, thanks all the same, what a boring world that would be. I looked at the court news today, looks like a list of conventional names to me. It’s exponentiality again, I reckon, at the root of it all – too many people. There would be too many Johns. Too many Toms, Harrys and Dicks……


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