Surprise, surprise. DoC shafted, money for roads, and the dumb tax-cut-voters dumped like a casual pick-up on a Sunday morning.

The only hope, is that credit-constraint will save Mother Nature, because there will be nobody else ……  volunteers had to do much of the work already, and almost all of the whistle-blowing. They will be eliminated from the process now – fiscally scared off from taking part in the RMA process. The Councils which are meant to advocate, actually only do so for economic development, a process well withing it’s last doubling-time now, and a process which ultimately kills the planet – oh, and us!

BILL ENGLISH  is either an idiot, or disingenuous. He reckons ‘unexpected circumstances’. Given that people like me have been warning of this happening about now, and doing that since the middle ‘eighties, it’s hard to know what he’s on about. I sat with Jennie watching the China Olympics, and said “you know, we are looking at the high-water mark of human activity. It has to be down from here”. What (if anything) was English thinking?

Phil Goff   is no better. He wants to “stimulate your economy”, and come “aggressively out of recession”. Cloud cuckoo land. Powered by what ?

Even Stephen Chu is flummoxed – nobel physics prizewinner and all. The reality is that we have reached the peak of energy supply, and there is no way out of the paper bag. The USA imports 70% of her energy, is going into increasing debt, and there is not the energy to pay her way out. Ghawar peaked in 1981, Cantarell is in free-fall, The North Sea is gone, and the Southern Basin – to put it in perspective – would run the world for two months (and only at present rates of consumption). He is desperate enough to be going for coal-fired power – so help  us!

Campbell Roberts      a man I admire, is also talking of jobs and income. We all have to understand that what we think of as the ‘norm’, is a recent, temporary, unsustainable state, founded on the extraction of one-off, long-stored energy sources. Sorry, but even the level we think of as unacceptable, is not sustainable with 7 billion people.

The effect of exponential expansion, always meant that when the crap hit the fan, it would do so in a hurry. In the near future, the dislocate will ensure that ‘retirement’ and ‘jobs’ become irrelevant concepts – as they are now to perhaps half of the people on the planet.

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