Richard Worth, Sue Bradford, Harre et al, GM

We can assume this is something that will happen more often under National that it did under Labour – it goes with the territory.

You have to feel sorry for Sue Bradford, but it was the right call, as I said in the ODT article some time ago. Bradford is a socialist, which is an entirely legitimate thing to be, but it is not necessarily Green. Environmental objectives can- theoretically – be attained under any political attitude, and should be. First, we must educate the world to survive in equilibrium. Then, those who wish, can decide who gets what. While we’re all taking far too much, the Left – Right thing is irrelevant.

Laila Harre got it wrong, on ninetonoon. She said that it was an indication that the Greens were heading for the ‘centre’. Way, way off , Laila. They are – rightly – positioning themselves outside the spectrum, exactly where they should be.

Home – Jen is still home crook, it’s been forever since she was like this. I managed to write two articles today, and still find time to visit Pete and drop the uniform back. The cold-air feed to the woodstove has increased the inside temp of the house by 2deg, just like that. Awesome. Zeb wandered up onto SH1 back on Monday, and is under close control. He knows he’s stuffed up!

GM will be interesting. The market they will want to enter is saturated (Corolla, Civic,) and by the time they get there, will be gone. The real market is smaller and lighter, and temporary too. Better concentrate on efficient public transport, and the awful headache of powering agriculture. They are the keys…… Obama’s going a long way though, given that he’s swimming in treacle.

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