While the vultures will circle, and the idealogues will harangue, Kiwi Rail is worth more, much more, that any book value. The reason is obvious – as energy resources get harder to get (and if you don’t know the why or the what of that, do some homework, quickly) we will say goodbye to ‘at whim’ travel, and transport will be of national importance – as in a wartime scenario. How far away is this? Less than ten years. Can’t be more. So we will need rail to shift food and essential things, around.

There is a side issue, that of who owns the infrastructure, but wartime is the yardstick here, privateers would do well to think on the comandeering of strategically-required assets during WW2. We will simply need it, end of story.

That is where the infrastructure effort had to be put – not ring-roads. And it needs the effort to be made now, while we are in relative equilibrium.

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  1. I think that now the current government has actually been out for a look at the rail system since it’s election. I believe it now realises what in fact it does for the country and that there is little chance of privatisation.

    The jury is still out if you are rederring to “Peak Oil”. The scenario that you mention would involve a terrible change of lifestyle for us all.

    • I hope you are right about the current lot. The learning curve must have been steep.
      At for peak oil, the jury has delivered it’s verdict, and gone home! Have a look at theoildrum, and the last peak oil update. Some of that of course, is decline in demand, but the depletion goes on. Beyond 2010, there was never any question, we would be in depletion territory. It’s too late to change that, and it is unlikely we will get to Sept 2008 levels before then.
      Yes, we are in scary territory. Thanks for the comment – the more of us who are thinking about it, the better

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