separating optimism from money

On thinking about the cheerleader thing, what occurrs to me is that the constant association with money, is the problem with the feel-good thing. Upward, wealthier, upgrade, better off, never felt better, trade up, invest. all part of the sublimnal message. Folk are so brainwashed now, partly from the endless barrage of subliminal (and not so subliminal) advertising. If that consumption is stuffing the planet, though, you are not going to be better off, or any of the other phrases.

One of the reasons the media are a bit slow with this will be their reliance on the said advertising, for income. As was mentioned on the Laidlaw /Transition Towns thing on sunday, even the smart people who CAN see it coming, are hamstrung by the system they are functioning in. The optimists who can’t or won’t see it coming, are just further back again.

It s going to be a fascinating next couple of years. Given the depletion rates, it can’t be more. Obama (if he hasn’t been taken out by then) will have to get up and tell it lke it is. That will be an interesting day!  Simon Cunliffe (ace cheerleader) will be asked to buy me a coffee that day – free-trade of course…

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