Rodney Hide Local Government Bill English Treasury

Surprised ? They all hang together. All three are on the magic carpet ride to nowhere. All think you can double what you do, an double it again, no sweat. All think there is enough resiliance in ‘the environment’, to somehow underwrite their ‘doublings’, even though their regime covers more than half the usabl planet. Makes you wonder, eh?  Stupid?  Arrogant?  Stupid and arrogant? Hard to tell. We can just hope that all the others dipping into the barrel at the same time, will keep them off base until the penny drops with the wider populace.

English is obviously letting his idas go via treasury, and waiting for feedback, before owning them. I guess that means we have to give him feedback!

At home, the windmill blew over last night!  It now has the obligatory buckled blade, and the authentic ‘cheep’ sound. The real McKoy. Jen is still recovering , I had a meeting ill 11 last night, and a good-samaritan job tomorrow. Sayonara, more tmrw, more in-depth.


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