Nick Smith, and the Insidious Creep……age

More ‘released comments’. Meaning the softening-up process continues. English is doing the same via Treasury. They seriously think the RMA and Conservation are the problems they face? They seriously think that even trashing those completely, will make one iota of difference?  Doubling (that thing that exponential growth does) is the problem. They cant physically double from here, and they will live to see that the attempt was stupid. Or have I mentioned this before?

Graeme Purches had a parallel effort in the ODT today, but he is exactly the Lorax problem – a paid tout, who has to be parried by voluntary effort. What his employer, and others, are doing to our OUR landscape, is just a local version of what Shell did to the locals in Nigeria, but doing it to us, on our collective behalfs.

We need to do the boycotting. It’s called: becoming a mature society. We are late. Or have I said this before……..


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