So we’re going to put more ratepayer and taxpayer money into a good, long-term investment. We have a mandate for this, of course. Just as Chin has one in Dunedin, so Key and Banks have one in Auckland.

We appoint a small committee to run the City – part of NO manifesto. We then ‘buy’ a wharf, part taxpayer and part ratepayer – the latter effectively robbing Peter to pay Peter. Then we have a little stand-off as to who will add funds to this fait-accompli, but it doesn’t matter. Ordinary folk will pay, from either pocket. For what?

The Rugby World Cup. Whoopee. Is that a continuous thing perchance?  Ongoing income?  Guaranteed to bring the punters in? Heck, we even have a Minister for the thing.

Me, I look at the Peak Oil Monthly Update on The Oil Drum, and scratch my head.  Odds are good that the effects will be screwing in by then, I wouldn’t count on full crowds…….

And after?  Cruise ships. Good stuff, sounds like ordinary folk to me. Of course, the place will have to be cordoned off for security reasons, while the ships are there……sorry Joe Bloggs. You are allowed to fund it, just not allowed in. Not that you could afford the Campari-and-sodas even if you did.

The whole thing is a gigantic gamble, on a single sporting event, by central and local government, with no mandate. Vunder(the)baa….

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